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We believe in embracing the future of the remote workplace. A remote working environment is where self-driven people are judged on the work they do and not the hours they log in front of a screen.

Where employees have increased flexibility and freedom in when and how they work. Where they are evaluated on the quality of their work, ideas and solutions rather than being in an office exactly between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.

Where the best people for the job are searched for and recruited country-wide and not just within a small city or local job market.

Where people care about maximizing time with friends and family, yet work hard and bring their A-Game to the "office" every single day.

Who We're Looking For

At the Pineapple Company we are looking for people who are inspired, self-driven and want to achieve big things in their careers. Individuals who want to challenge themselves, grow, work on the cutting edge and be proud of what they’re doing and what they’ve accomplished.


What It's Like Working At Here?

What is the average day, week, month and year? Company culture and the overall environment can "make or break" a person's work week. Here's what our own Pineapple Company employees love about working here. Click the video below to see more.

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Your Benefits


Work Flexibility:

Work Remotely: Work from home or a co-working space all year long anywhere within the United States, with increased flexibility and considerations as your time increases with the company.

Flexible schedule: Start work anywhere from 9AM-11AM Eastern working a standard eight hour day.


Health Benefits:

At the Pineapple Company we offer discounted insurance plans through the company with pre-tax money and $100 per month company contribution to your plan.

Combined HSA / FSA Card allows your to spend additional pre-tax money on a wide variety of health services for you and your family, include gyms, massages and more.


Retirement Benefits:

Company 401K


Vacation Days:

15 Vacation Days and all major holidays off, including select "Summer Fridays" off in the summer


Financial Benefits:

Pineapple Company contributions to equipment, including a new laptop or desktop computer, printer/scanner and other items


Education Benefits:

Paid workshops and training from top experts to help you grow and be the best at your position you can be. Plus, access to our library of over $35K in digital training.

Tools We Love And Use

G-Suite. We use Google for email (through Gmail) as well as Google Drive to store and share our files across teams and Google Docs and Sheets to create, share, manage and edit documents online.

Slack. We use slack for group chats, video conferencing, our daily meetings and for sharing files and images

Zoom. We use and love Zoom for video chatting. It’s great for recording, screen sharing and hosting big company meetings and presentations

Open Positions

  1. Customer Service Specialist

    We’re looking for a full-time Customer Service Specialist who can join our remote team with 3+ years of experience in Retail or Customer Care...

  2. Recruiting Assistant

    We are looking for a Recruiter Assistant who will work very closely with our senior recruiting consultant and hiring managers. Researching existing roles at...

  3. Director of Product Development

    We are looking for a Director of Product Development who will be the team lead for new product development within our company. This person will lead the way for...

  4. Product Development Research Associate

    We are looking for a Product Development Research Associate, who will work very closely with our product development team researching trends, medical science, and ingredients...

  5. Online Reputation Management Specialist

    We are looking for an Online Reputation Management Specialist to oversee multiple brands in the health and wellness space. For the right candidate, this role will be an...

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