What We Do

We create innovative health supplements and brands combined with strong partnerships and unique stories.

Today, people want products with purpose and relationship with people, not just an object. By knowing the person behind the product, they know what they believe in and why it matters.

While these products might appear under different brand-names, Pineapple is the “parent company” that creates, markets and oversees these smaller brands.


How We’re Different

We combine new Pineapple Products with unique partnerships. These partnerships have included influencers, doctors and personalities who have a unique story to tell about health.

We make sure our Pineapple Products and the stories behind them are unique, inspiring and cannot be found anywhere else - this is our advantage. We pride ourselves in making products we’d buy ourselves but can’t find on any store shelf. Products we know other people would love too, if they only existed.


Our Future

As we grow, we continue to expand the number of brands and Pineapple Products we offer. Many customers love our brands and want more products and content from them - and we’re doing our best, hiring new people every month, to try to provide it.

We also work to make our products available to more countries and more people. So we are expanding our reach and advertising in every possible medium to make an impact.

If you share our passion, and think you'd be a great fit to bring our products to people in need of big solutions, see about joining our team of "A Players" to help further our mission.


Company History

Here is our story and how we grew to what we are today.



2 Employees

We started grassroots in New York City hosting educational events on popular topics, booking sought-after speakers and organizing seminars.



4 Employees

As the demand for local courses grew, we started selling these courses online. The depth and detail of the courses grew, as did our marketing and advertising skills, growing the company from a small side project to a large company with customers worldwide.



16 Employees

After noticing our customers wanted more health information, we decided to formulate our first supplement with help from experts. Joining the “Men's Health” market followed us to boost the sales of the company.



32 Employees

We moved into a larger market, creating a unique probiotic formula with unique strains linked to better metabolism. This new move increased revenue again, and is a strong enough base to grow the company for years.




40 Employees

We seek to grow our company by making our products more visible in more places while expanding our product lines and entering new markets, with making an impact on health of 7X more people.

Our Brands Have Been Featured In...

Our events and Pineapple Products have been covered by a number of newspapers and publications. We’ve been featured in cover stories (AM New York) and full-page news stories (New York Times) as well as live segments on CNN and Anderson Cooper Live. Here are a few of the places we’ve appeared:

team icon

Meet the Team

This team has been 8 years in the making, recruiting “A Players” from across the country who enjoy both working hard and our unique, flexible, remote office environment.



CEO and Founder

Education in business at Stern NYU and product design at Parsons School of Design. Started Pineapple Co as classroom seminars in New York City back during university.



Customer Service and Sales

Working for several high-profile Chicago startups including Groupon, Avant, and SMS Assist, Brooke has a knack for operations and taking on new challenges.



Content Marketing Manager

D.J. graduated with a B.A. in Government from Dartmouth College, and has a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. His career has spanned many different fields, from practicing law to sports journalism covering the St. Louis Rams, writing fiction, before settling on direct marketing for the past six years. D.J. has been at Pineapple for 4 years now, and leads our Content Marketing team, turning cold organic traffic into happy, raving, repeat buyers of our products.

Where Our Remote Team Is Located

Our team of “A Players” are located across North America. See where we live and work...

remote map

Company Pillars


  1. Improvement. Take all aspects of the company to the next level.
  2. Balance. We value our mental and physical health.
  3. Relationships. Face-to-face time, team and relationship building, and mutual respect.
  4. Goals. Pursuit of personal interests and goals, in the company and outside.
  5. Collaboration. Many brains together are more powerful than one.
  6. Ideas. We seek advice and education from expert sources.
  7. Risks. Take calculated risks, try new ideas and record the results.
  8. Growth. Continual improvement is a path to success.
  9. Open Mindedness. Open to constructive feedback and willing to listen.
  10. Initiative. Each team member can think strategically on how to make the company better. We do not just work in isolation.


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